POWER Clinic’s goal is to provide “Peace of Mind” to each and every one of the people who contact us for help in solving a problem. We realize that our customers aren’t companies….our customers are people who have a job to do and a boss or a customer to please. To that end, we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service so that you, as the client, have the faith and confidence that, in trusting Power Clinic, you sent your mission critical components to the right vendor.

Quote Generation

Our web-based Quality/Operations system allows you the flexibility to start the repair process in two ways – you can receive quotes by calling us on the phone during business hours and you will ALWAYS speak with a Power Clinic associate (no voice mail or automated directory to suffer through). Or, you can generate quote requests through our website and we’ll quickly respond. If it’s a new unit for us, we may ask you to send it in for a free evaluation so we can provide an informed repair quote.

Repair and Testing

Every unit is assigned a unique barcode upon entry into our Quality/Operations system. All customer and PO information is captured and stored with this electronic ID. Prior to power up, a defined set of test procedures and O.E.M. specifications will be provided to the performing technician. Using this procedure, the technician determines the initial failure and records the components and actions needed to restore original operating specifications. The barcode also provides access to the Electronic Traveler where all repair and testing steps are documented, recorded, and stored for backup. After repair steps have been completed, the unit is powered up and tested under minimum, nominal, and full load conditions to insure compliance with customer specifications and the electronic traveler is updated by the performing test technician as having passed or failed.

Technical Library

Power Clinic has an extensive library of technical documentation and schematics to draw upon.

Return Prep and Packaging

Upon successful repair completion, final inspection is performed and the unit is prepped for return to the customer. Our shipping department is uncompromising in ensuring that your power supplies are packed and shipped in a manner which greatly reduces or eliminates the chance for damage to occur as the units come back to you . Power Clinic is environmentally responsible - we use only recycled paper packaging unless directed otherwise by customers.

Natalie - Client Support Manager
Jake - Shipping Manager

Personnel Selection

We make it hard for someone to join the Power Clinic team. Technicians and engineers are subjected to a rigorous interview and testing process to ensure we hire only the most technically advanced and creative troubleshooters and problem solvers who can repair most power supplies without benefit of schematics. Client Support personnel are selected for personality, attention to detail and experience in customer service.

Continuous Improvement

Power Clinic actively seeks client input into improving our services and products to meet the challenges our clients face today and into the future.

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